Chapter 22 – GET and PUT – it’s a wrap!

My latest video, chapter 22 covers the GET and PUT command, and this chapter was a long time coming!  Chapter 22 covers the GET and PUT command, which are ways to visually “copy” and “paste” graphics onto the screen with a lot of options for controlling how and what you see.

The road to complete this chapter and this video has been a long one.  I wanted to finish my fonts routine before moving on, and that was done.  When I started to “test” the program in the chapter, prior to recording, I noticed some issues with the actual X and Y coordinates one of the examples used that caused it to not work properly, not a big deal, but I figured out how to fix that and make the in-book demo work.

Not being satisfied with that demo, because I felt it left a lot to the imagination/confusion, I started with this grand vision of a “mega demo” to show off all of the variou GET/PUT methods in a way that would be completely visual, and hopefully much easier to understand.

put with the AND option
Put with the OR option

This was not difficult, but slightly tedious to crank out a new section of the demo, and test roughly every day, in all it took about a solid week to squeeze the time into finish.  And last, but not least, I threw together a very quick, very cheesy, but hopefully effective demo on how to create a rocket ship, let it blast off and “fly” through a screen of planets, and continue to loop in this quasi random animation universe.

Spaceship Demo

GET and PUT are very important command to screen and graphic manipulation, they can be used to simulate sprites, as my space ship demonstrates, they can be used to scroll areas of the screen, and so much more.  When combined with things like PCOPY for page flipping (double buffering) you can achieve very cool graphical compositing techniques, albeit at the expense of speed.

The original video was probably 48 minutes long, I edited down a lot of babble, and redundant talk, and managed to splice in all the new bumpers I recorded at CoCo FEST! 27 in April this year, so they are making their world debut in this video, along the the first video commercial for Tandy Assembly.

Roughly a month worth of thinking, planning, and execution went into this, and hopefully, it doesn’t suck and is actually helpful.

If you’d like to download the disk image and check out the programs yourself, click the GET/PUT disk image link, download the zip file, extract the disk image and use to your heart’s content.



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