Font routine finished!

So, I have taken the time to not only “clean up” the fonts to increase the distance between characters, but I also took the time to update the route that “Reads” in the character data to read the data in using the proper ASCII code for each character, so “A” is T$(65), “B” is T$(66), etc.  This allows me to send normal text to a routine that parses each character, converts it to it’s ASCII value we’ll call variable “A” and then it DRAWS T$(A) to draw the character of the text string, and continues through the entire length of the entire text string until all the letters are drawn.

I have discovered, that once again, when I draw with white on black, I get artifacts again, my previous testing was switched to black on white, which reduced the appearance of artifacts, but the current routine, with artifacts turned on in VCC looks like this:

The good news is, I can pass string variables to the route, and it draws very nicely, the bad news, is the artifacts look horrible, VCC isn’t the best a emulating artifacts, I’ll try this on Xroar and MAME at some point, but, again, I’ve put a ton of time and energy into this already, I’m going to live with the imperfections for now.

VCC does allow me to turn off artifacts, and here’s the same screen with artifacts off, which would be the same as looking at a CoCo on an RGB monitor:

The fonts look pretty “OK” to me, and I’m looking forward to adding them to my graphics demo next.

As far as my exercise in futility goes, I’m pretty happy with the results, and I’m looking forward to putting them to use 🙂


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