In the past few years since I’ve become a retro content creator, I’ve invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into the cause, and continue to do so as my passion project and labor of love.  There was always the “hope and dream” of possibly earning revenue from YouTube, but the numbers required to do so, and the rules they keep changing make it very hard for a “little guy” to ever have a chance.  None of this was ever started “for the money”, it’s all for the love, and for the excitement and challenge of creating content, attempt to develop as a performer and producer, etc., and hopefully get better at them all over time.  I ask nothing, and expect nothing, however some people want to show their appreciation for these efforts, for for those of you, we have a few ways to do so.

The easiest way, is to get some merchandise from the Retro Swag shop, they are actually very cool, and something you’ll hopefully be proud of wearing!

Another option is to become a patron of our projects by pledging on our Patreon site, you can contribute a set amount to happen on regular intervals, and even set limits on how much you’d like to pledge each month/year, etc.  Visit our Pateron site if that interests you.

Another option, would be to make a contribution in any amount, at any time, using PayPal, here is a link to, note it will say “Florida Computer Care, Inc.” which is my company I run everything through.


For those who do provide financial support, on behalf of myself, and the many talented others who help me work on these projects, thank you very much!