The programming Notebook…

As I continue to work on the BASIC demo to show off a lot of ways to use the GET and PUT command, I find I’m already starting to get lost with what I’m doing, so I started using a good old-fashioned paper notebook, to write down variables I’m using, coordinates I’ll need to refer to, line numbers for my various routines, etc.

I’m finding that it’s helping quite a bit, it saves them the time of having to re-list my program frequently to see where things are.

I have set up my own pseudo “development environment” where I keep my emulators, and virtual floppy disk images in a folder in my Google Drive, so I can work on this project when I’m away from home on my laptop.

This has caused me to turn my paper notebook, into a computer notepad document, similar to this:

This is my pseudo code I’m using to keep track of what my program is doing, and what variables and screen coordinates I need to keep referencing to redo the same demonstration multiple times, but with different “filters” or “options” applied to the PUT routine.

There is no way I can see, within BASIC to copy and paste line numbers to reuse these routines, it would be quite helpful.

Well, I’m off to doing more work, just sharing a quick update.


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